Gardening at moss and moor

Jobs to do in the garden this November!

  • November is the perfect time to plant tulip bulbs
  • There is still time to plant roses, trees and shrubs before the cold weather arrives
  • Collect fallen leaves to make leaf mould
  • Lift pots off the ground by using pot feet to prevent water logging or frozen compost
  • After the first frosts, dig up dahlia tubers and store in a cool dark place
  • Protect tree ferns from the cold. On a dry day pack the crown with dry straw and secure in place by wrapping with fleece
  • Wrap containers with fleece or bubble wrap to protect from frost damage
  • It is still possible to sow vegetable seeds. Try hardy varieties of broad beans or first early peas
  • It is a good time to lift and divide overcrowded clumps of herbaceous perennials. This will improve the plants vigour in the growing season
  • Finally, if having a bonfire remember to check for hedgehogs and other wildlife before the fire is lit.

November Plants of the Month

Plant of the month

Low maintenance, evergreen large shrubs or small trees which are prized for their bright red new growth. Photnia ‘Red Robin’ is undoubtedly the most well known variety, however leaf colours can vary from pink and marbled patterns with oval edges to variegated serrated foliage. Small white flowers are produced in spring which can sometimes be followed by berries.

These plants make a great focal point in the garden but can also make a great standalone hedge. Grow in full sun in a sheltered position in well drained neutral soil for the best colour and healthiest growth. Cold, damp and frost prone areas of the garden can lead to leaf spot and frost damage on new growth.

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Houseplant of the month

Known as the Christmas cactus because they flower from late November to January.

In the wild these cacti grow attached to trees in tropical rainforests.

  • Pet friendly


Bright indirect light away from direct sunshine.


Water every couple of weeks when the top two inches of soil are dry. Do not allow them to get waterlogged.


Mist regularly to raise humidity levels and replicate the conditions of the tropical rainforest.


Christmas cacti will flower for many years if they receive the correct care.

They need to have two resting periods where the temperature and watering are reduced.

The first period is after flowering from January to March. The second period is from September until the buds begin to form.


Can grow up to 25cm tall.

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Tree of the week

Although beech is commonly grown as hedging, this upright columnar shaped tree is a valuable addition to smaller gardens due to growing habit. Despite being a deciduous tree, leaves are commonly held during milder winters. A fully hardy tree which is tolerant of most growing conditions and sites, it is a good reliable specimen for a low maintenance, wildlife friendly garden.

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  • Keep compost moist, almost dried out before watering.
  • Generally, water plants from above and put saucers under plants to allow excess water to drain.
  • Specialist and tropical plants enjoy a daily mist using a hand spray.
  • Going on holiday? Water all pots thoroughly, place in a shady room.
  • Small pots are best left in a sink lined with a towel soaked in water.

Feeding and maintaining

  • Feed flowering plants once a week.
  • Remove dying flowers and yellowing leaves.
  • Clean off any dust with a piece of cotton wool dipped in water.
  • Rub off any bugs from the stems with a piece of cotton wool.
Looking after houseplants


Callicarpa Profusion 

A medium size deciduous shrub producing small clusters of pink flower in the summer followed by clusters of striking violet berries throughout the autumn.

The leaves turn a lovely golden purple before dropping. Can be grown in sun or dappled shade in a well drained soil.


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