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Alex is our horticultural manager at Moss & Moor and has worked in horticulture retail for the past 26 years since leaving college. He studied at Askham Bryan college near York where he obtained a HND in Horticulture.

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Kerstin is originally from Malta and moved to England almost 5 years ago where she has since completed her theory and practical level 2 diploma in horticulture with the RHS and is currently working towards her level 3.

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Jenny has worked in high street retail for 20 years before starting her career with Moss & Moor. Her qualifications including RHS Level 2 diploma in principles and practices of horticulture and RHS Level 3 certificate in practical horticulture has allowed Jenny to thrive within the plant area, taking pride in the houseplants section.

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Summer hanging baskets

Learn how to make a summer hanging basket.

Summer containers

Learn how to make a summer container.

Jobs to do in the garden this june!

  • Stake Plants: Support tall or floppy plants to prevent wind damage.
  • Feed Baskets and Containers: Use a liquid fertilizer every 2-4 weeks.
  • Lawn Care: Boost your grass with a lawn feed to keep it in top condition.
  • Sow Biennial Seeds: Plant seeds like wallflower, foxglove, and honesty for next spring/summer.
  • Check Roses: Look for issues like black spot or powdery mildew and spray preventatively if needed.
  • Weed Control: Stay on top of weeds by hoeing or using weed suppressant fabric.
  • Tie in New Shoots: Secure new growth on climbing plants such as clematis, climbing rose, and honeysuckle.
  • Bird Baths: Ensure bird baths are regularly topped up with fresh water.

June Plants of the Month

Plants of the month

Clematis is a diverse genus of flowering plants popular in British gardens for their stunning blooms and climbing ability, ideal for adorning fences, trellises, and walls. With over 300 species, including early, late, and repeat bloomers in various colours, clematis can thrive in well-draining, organically rich soil with full sun to partial shade and cool roots.

To grow clematis successfully, plant it in well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter, ensuring the roots are shaded and the vines receive full sun.

Plant the clematis deep, with the crown 2-3 inches below the soil surface, and provide a sturdy trellis or support for climbing. Water regularly, especially during dry spells, and mulch to retain moisture and keep the roots cool.

Prune according to the specific type of clematis: early-flowering varieties after bloom, late-flowering in early spring, and repeat bloomers lightly in early spring and after the first flush of flowers.

Fertilize in spring and midsummer with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to encourage vigorous growth and abundant blooms.

Houseplant of the month

Sometimes called Angel Wings or Elephant Ears, these tropical plants have beautiful heart shaped leaves that come in a variety of bright colours and patterns.

NOT pet friendly.


They are best grown in a position with bright indirect light, though they can cope with light shade. Keep away from direct sunlight.


Water Caladium regularly to ensure that they do not dry out. The soil should be kept consistently moist but not waterlogged as this will rot the tuber.


Caladiums love high humidity as they are native to tropical regions. Mist the leaves regularly so that the plant does not get too dry. They are perfect for a bright warm bathroom.


Can grow to an approximate height of 70cm.

Caladiums may go dormant over winter if they do not get enough light or if the temperature becomes too cold. They will regrow again in spring with fresh new foliage.

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clematis now available at moss and moor

Discover the latest addition to our collection of exquisite Clematis varieties: introducing Clematis Lindsay, new for 2024. Renowned horticulturist Raymond Evison, with over six decades of dedication to crafting the world’s finest Clematis, presents this captivating beauty.

Clematis Lindsay boasts large, star-shaped flowers in a mesmerizing deep purple-blue hue. Delighting the senses with its elegant blooms, this variety graces gardens with its presence from May through July, offering a spectacular display of color and charm. And that’s not all – expect a delightful encore performance in September, adding an extra touch of magic to your outdoor oasis.

Experience the timeless allure and exceptional quality of Clematis Lindsay, the epitome of floral perfection for your garden.

Summer Flowering Bedding Packs:

  • 3 for £14, £3.99 each

Summer Flowering Hanging Basket Plants:

  • 5 for £10, £2.49 each

Large Pot Herbs:

  • 3 for £12, £4.99 each

Summer Flowering Alpines:

  • 3 For £12, £4.99 each

Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 Lawn Care 360m2 Bag:

  • £26.99, RRP £34.99

Organic Slug Stop Barrier Pellets:

  • £5.99, RRP £8.99

Lawn Edging Shears:

  • £17.99, RRP £34.99

Darlac Expert Bypass Pruner:

  • £12.99, RRP £24.99

Westland Boost Plant Liquid Feed:

  • BOGOF £7.99 each

Tomorite Plant Feed:

  • 2 for £10, £6.99 each

Peat Free Multipurpose Compost with Added John Innes 50lt Bag:

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Help us go PEAT FREE !

As we continue to work with the ENVIRONMENTAL campaign group Climate Action Ilkley to educate our customers on the choices available, shop our range of peat-free and organic composts. Play your part and switch to peat free for healthy plants while protecting the planet too!

We worked really hard in 2023 to move away from peat based composts and as we currently stand at the start of 2024 we are 97% there.

Peat Free Planting

The Best of British Plants

With our passion for plants, we champion the very best of British Growers, selecting and nurturing an exciting range of trees, outdoor plants and shrubs that will help you create a home and garden you love.

British Growers

Lifetime Plant Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our hardy plants that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all our hardy outdoor garden plants. We offer a free replacement or credit note providing the plant hasn’t died as a result of neglect of care, for example watering. All we ask is you return your plant with a receipt or garden centre label as proof of purchase.  Hardy plants do not include seasonal bedding plants or Houseplants.

Plant Promise Lifetime guarantee


If you have houseplant dilemma, a garden question or need expert advice from our horticultural team then ASK ALEX! and send it to