Gardening at moss and moor

Jobs to do in the garden this February!

These are the gardening jobs for Feb.

  • sow sweet peas in deep individual pots and keep on a windowsill or in a greenhouse.
  • If you didn’t have chance to plant any spring flowering bulbs, plant bulbs-in-the-green for a lovely spring display. We have a selection of tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and many more.
  • Prune hardy evergreen hedges now before birds start the nesting season.
  • Use a slow-release fertiliser, like bonemeal, around the base of roses and other flowering shrubs.
  • Start chitting first early potatoes placing them somewhere bright and frost free, ready for planting.
  • Make use of cloches and cold frames to protect tender plants.
  • Plant up dahlia tubers and place somewhere light and warm to help shoots to develop.
  • Plant individual garlic cloves in the ground with the pointed end facing upwards. If the ground is very wet the cloves can be started off in modules and planted out in spring.
  • Pot up hanging baskets and containers with hardy bedding plants such as primrose and dianthus to provide interest through till spring.

February Plants of the Month

Plant of the month

Hebes range from small to medium bushy evergreen shrubs. They grow well in sunny borders providing year round foliage colour and summer flowers which range from purples and pinks to whites. The flowers are adored by pollinators and are a great source for nectar. Small Hebes work well in borders and border edges or in containers. Larger Hebes can be added to a mixed border. Hebes need well drained soils to thrive. They do not like cold wet soils in winter or cold winds. We recommend:

· Hebe – Blue Star – Fantastic Glaucous Blue Foliage with white flowers.

· Hebe – Caledonia – Red-edged green leaves – almost purple with purple flowers in summer to mid autumn!

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Houseplant of the month

Ficus benjamina

– also known as weeping fig

  • Air purifying
  • Toxic to pets – the latex in the sap can cause allergic reactions so keep away from children and wear gloves when pruning.

Light conditions;

Place somewhere with bright indirect light. It will cope with light shade but protect against direct sunlight.


Keep the soil slightly moist but do not overwater or allow the plant to sit in water. Underwatering can lead to leaf drop.


Ficus benjamina can reach an ultimate height of 2m and is moderately fast growing.

  • Ficus benjamina are known to drop leaves when they are unhappy. This could be if they have insufficient light, are in a draughty position or have been underwatered.
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  • Keep compost moist, almost dried out before watering.
  • Generally, water plants from above and put saucers under plants to allow excess water to drain.
  • Specialist and tropical plants enjoy a daily mist using a hand spray.
  • Going on holiday? Water all pots thoroughly, place in a shady room.
  • Small pots are best left in a sink lined with a towel soaked in water.

Feeding and maintaining

  • Feed flowering plants once a week.
  • Remove dying flowers and yellowing leaves.
  • Clean off any dust with a piece of cotton wool dipped in water.
  • Rub off any bugs from the stems with a piece of cotton wool.
Looking after houseplants


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