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The Keter Duotech Elite Outdoor Storage Box from Norfolk Leisure is an outdoor storage unit perfect for storing your garden furniture cushions, tools and equipment when not in use. This Storage Box is made of strong Duotech material and is virtually maintenance free. The Elite Outdoor Storage Box can also be customised to store two 240 litre wheelie bins and features lid lifters for easy access. Built-in support is also provided for shelves to be added within the storage box.

  • Duotech Elite Outdoor Storage Box Features:
  • Constructed using strong Duotech material
  • Perfect for storing cushions, tools and equipment
  • Can be customised to accommodate two 240L Wheelie Bins
  • Lid lifters for easy access
  • Inner metal reinforcements
  • Built-in support for shelving units
  • Lockable doors (padlock not included)