The dense and almost knot-free straight grain of Cornis comes with an oiled finish giving a smooth luster. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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The Cornis Collection by Alexander Rose made from Cornis sourced from the The Congo, Central Africa. Cornis features a dense, closely grained hardwood and comes with an oiled finish providing a smooth lustre. The Cornis Collection includes some of Alexander Rose’s most popular designs, with something to suit any taste or budget. The Cornis Collection offers both traditional design and contemporary alternatives featuring the curved back slat bench, an ergonomic design developed by Alexander Rose.

This Cornis Turnberry Garden Bench 5ft, has beautifully curved back and arm rests to give you that extra bit of style. This bench is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it a great bench to create a focal point in your garden or a comfy place to sit in your conservatory.


  • Total Height: 97cm
  • Total Width: 157cm
  • Total Depth: 62cm