Look forward to browsing a great range of top-quality outdoor plants in our partially covered outdoor garden plant area and gardening essentials, tools and gifts in our Potting Shed. Our friendly plant experts and horticulturists are always on hand to help you find and choose just the right plants and accessories for your garden, with plenty of genuinely helpful advice and useful tips to make the most of your growing experience.


Gardening is recognised to benefit physical and mental health. Rewarding and beneficial to the environment and helps you to live well, eat well and grow!

Specially Selected Garden Essentials

Pop down to our Potting Shed to find all of your garden essentials to feed and weed your plants, care for our feathered friends, whilst growing your garden.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or a passionate plant enthusiast, our specially selected range of outdoor tools, bird food and feeding stations, beautiful gardening gifts and accessories will surprise you.

Help us go PEAT FREE by 2023!

As we continue to work with the ENVIRONMENTAL campaign group Climate Action Ilkley to educate our customers on the choices available, shop our range of peat-free and organic composts. Play your part and switch to peat free for healthy plants while protecting the planet too!

Peat Free Planting

The Best of British Plants

With our passion for plants, we champion the very best of British Growers, selecting and nurturing an exciting range of trees, outdoor plants and shrubs that will help you create a home and garden you love.

British Growers

We’ve made it easier for you to choose, by carefully displaying our outdoor plants and flowers by colour – from classic whites to soft pinks and blooming reds to full colour.

With a fantastic range of outdoor plants including A-Z perennials, alpines, climbers, roses, soft fruits, shrubs, herbs, seasonal plants as well as specimens to create instant impact. We have something for everyone.

With signs to highlight which plants like the shade or sun, those ideal for pots or best to attract bees and other garden wildlife, it’s easy to select your ideal outdoor plants.

Lifetime Plant Guarantee

Plant Promise Lifetime guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our hardy plants that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all our hardy outdoor garden plants. If you want to know more just ask our friendly team of experts.

Carry to Car

We know how difficult it is to carry heavy items such as compost, soil and decorative bark to your car, so we provide a Heavy Item Carry to Car service. Please just ask a member of staff.

Carry to Care service


Leave out a bowl of water and Henry Bell hedgehog food to help hedgehogs fatten up before hibernation. Remember to never feed hedgehogs milk or bread.                             


Continue to feed plants in containers with a weekly liquid seaweed feed. This will encourage healthy growth and new blooms. Our Bronte seaweed is 3 for £15 through August.


If going away on holiday, houseplants can be kept watered by using capillary matting. Group plants together on top of the matting and trail one end into a full container of water such as a sink. The matting will absorb the water and the plants kept moist.


Sow seeds for hardy annuals such as cornflower, calendula and forget-me-nots to create an early display next year.


Keep citrus trees well-watered and fed with specialised citrus fertiliser such as Growth technology Citrus feed.


Prune Wisteria once it has finished flowering by removing the long whippy side shoots from the main branch, 20cm from the base. This will encourage the formation of new flower buds





The perfect garden flower with show appeal, hydrangea flowers are truly stunning. Hydrangeas like morning sun, but do not do well if they’re in direct, hot afternoon sun. Partial shade in the later parts of the day is ideal for these beauties.


Echinacea or Coneflower


A lovely late summer flowering perennial which comes in white, pink, red and orange flowers. The flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies. These plants prefer to be positioned in full sun in a well drained soil.

Did you know? The roots of the Echinacea plant have been used as a herbal medicine for centuries.


This is the time of year when plants need a boost especially plants growing in containers.

Bronte Liquid Feeds at 3 for £15

(Feeds on offer include Tomato, Multi Purpose, Seaweed and Ericaceous)

50% OFF Selected Pots

garden pots


Last chance to feed your lawn, after JULY they get ‘ sappy growth’ which is damaging



Visit us instore to choose from our lovely range of houseplants and foliage to decorate your home.

Complete the look with a pot or planter to compliment your houseplant. Our beautiful range of pots, vases create splendid decoration and inspiration for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Keep your houseplants looking good!

Did you know? Most houseplants are killed by overwatering, so here are some tips we want to share to keep your houseplants looking good your houseplants looking good!

3 small houseplants


  • Keep compost moist, almost dried out before watering.
  • Generally, water plants from above and put saucers under plants to allow excess water to drain.
  • Specialist and tropical plants enjoy a daily mist using a hand spray.
  • Going on holiday? Water all pots thoroughly, place in a shady room.
  • Small pots are best left in a sink lined with a towel soaked in water.


  • Feed flowering plants once a week.
  • Remove dying flowers and yellowing leaves.
  • Clean off any dust with a piece of cotton wool dipped in water.
  • Rub off any bugs from the stems with a piece of cotton wool.

If you have houseplant dilemma, a garden question or need expert advice from our horticultural team then ASK ALEX! and send it to